Wishes Can Come True


The story is about my granddaughter Akailah who at the time was six and would always complain whenever her cousins came over because they only wanted to play the games they liked. Whenever she would ask them to play with her and her dolls the would always say “No boys don’t play with dolls”.  She desperately wants someone to play with her and her dolls  but her cousins Jahni, Jahzi and Jalen refused to play dollhouse with her because dolls are for girls. One night she made a wish for a girl cousin so she could have someone to play with. After weeks of wishing she met a friend at school and she realized that wishes can come true even if the don’t come exactly as you wish.

Wishes Can Come True is now available in a coloring book so that your child can not only enjoy a good bedtime story but they can also color the picture too.