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My first book took me almost ten years to write  

Don't Waste the YearsKnowing the truth can sometimes make us do crazy things, things we normally wouldn’t do.  Although he has managed to keep himself out of jail Howard Blackwood is now willing to risk everything to secure his family’s future.  Like most married men he did love his wife but he allowed his sexual desires to overcome his marital commitments; leaving him with no remorse.  To make matters worse he is now forced to come clean with his wife Vanessa when his careless behavior comes back to haunt him and causes chaos in his life.    Read More                                                                                                             


  Children’s Book & Coloring Book                                  

  Six months after I wrote my second book

Wishes Can Come True‘Wishes Can Come True’ is the result of the combined efforts of Akailah and myself. As an only child, six years old Akailah desperately wants someone to play dollhouse with, but all of her cousins are boys and they refuse to play with her dolls.  So one night she makes a wish and after meeting a friend at school she realizes that ‘Wishes Can Come True’.  This book gives kids everywhere a children’s story made by a child, capturing their hopes and dreams with a narrative made from an imagination they can relate to.   Read More