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Sinful Thoughts!

IMG_20150407_155742The lives of teenager’s girls Sasha, Kayla, Camille and Bethany come together through their sexual activities and their hatred towards the people who have done them wrong, when they meet at an abusive women shelter. Their counselor Samantha helps them with their anger in hopes of dealing with the pain, after she was forced to change her to name because of an abusive relationship.  After Camille’s abuser Michael is found dead the girls stick together and come up with a story that doesn’t point the finger at either one of them but no one knows who actually killed him. Filled with lots of twist and turns this book will have you wanting more after each page.  It is the telling story of abuse, lies and betrayal.   

Also The Slumber Party!

I’m doing it again, another children’s book is on its way.  Although I didn’t plan to write the first one, I have decided to write another one.

The Slumber PartyWith the main characters from ‘Wishes Can Come True’ Akailah and Brooklyn are invited to Shekinah’s slumber party.  Every year Shekinah has a big birthday party but this year she wants to have a slumber party instead.  Even though she is only allowed to invite five girls she is very excited; as her and her mother decorate their living room to look like great outdoors.