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The Up & Coming Author’s Blog is a sounding board for authors.  There are so many new author’s that don’t know where to go to get information about how to get published, upcoming book event, book signings and so much more.  This Blog will give new author’s, like myself away to find information and simply just connect with other author’s.  We will be able to tell our story of how we become an author.  It will allow us to speak our minds as well as get and give advice about the dos and don’ts of becoming an author.  Vent about the mistakes we made along the way, warn other of the roads not to travel, brag about our accomplishments, book signing, events or anything book related.  As an author I feel that I am not only speaking for myself when I say this but it’s not an easy road and the awards can be far and few in between, however they are worth it!

I am an authorBefore I published my first book I didn’t know what it took to become an author.  I thought that my work which I loved so much would speak for itself and others would love it as much as I do.  I thought that I would becoming the next best seller and people around the world would be talking about my books.  However, just having your book published isn’t going to get you there especially if you’re self-published.  It is important to find the right self-publishing companies that offers the right package that not only fits your budget but your needs.  If the publishing company that you are with did an amazing job let us know or let’s warn other about them so that they don’t make the same mistake.  It is also important to know that just because your book has been published, that doesn’t mean that your work is done. You now have to promote your book by doing book signings, book events and more.  It might be your masterpiece but now you have to introduce it to the world and allow others to fall in love with your work. As hard as it might have been to come up with the money to publish your book, if you’re not comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd, up on stage all by yourself promoting your book will be even harder.  So all those late nights at the computer, hearing voices in your head as the characters in your book tried to speak to you while you were driving, working or sleeping was easy compared to the next stage that will follow.  Like a drug dealer, you have now become a book dealer. You have to find the right audience to promote your book to because not everyone is going to want to buy your book but they might know someone that will.  You want your name out there so that people you don’t know will be talking about your book and wanting to know where they can get a copy.  So you have consistently talk about your book and there is going to be friends among you that are so sick and tired of hearing you talk about your book but don’t let them get to you because if you were in their shoe you might get sick of them too.

There are so many ways that we can help each, considering we are all reaching for the same goal but at the same time there is no reason to knock each other down to get there.  If you’re an author and you can also draw but you need someone to edit you book.  There might be someone among us that is good at editing that needs an illustrator for their book.  So why not blend our skills together and bring down the cost that the publishing company is charging us.  If you write children’s books but there is a book event that is geared towards adult books why not spread the word so that an author that fits their needs can attend.

The blog will feature upcoming events, quotes, poems, book release, book signing and more.  So if you would like to become apart of the author’s blog click on the link below, copy the questions and answer them in a word Document and forward them to and Let your voice be heard.  As well if you know other author’s please feel free to pass on the questions to them.


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