Akailah’s Story

AkailahThe Person Behind the Story

If it wasn’t for my granddaughter Akailah I would have never written ‘Wishes Can Come True’. This is her story written by me.  It was not my intentions to write a children’s book, however as I was working on my second adult book, Akailah asked me to write a book for her.  Actually her exact words were “Grandma, can you make a book for me”.  With plans to only write a few pages and continue working on my next book, I got to work.  She was only five when she came to me with her big ideas, and described exactly how she wanted her book to be. Together we worked on a story-line ensuring that her vision would come to life. Never did I imagined that this would be my next book.  With four grandchildren, Akailah is my only granddaughter. With having three cousins that are boys, all Akailah wants is a girl to play with because the boys refuse to play with her and her dolls and it is this story that is told in her book.   When I told her that I was going to publish her story she was delighted.  I am so grateful to her for allowing me to share her story with the world and her desire to write a book just like her grandmother.