About The Author

I want my voice to be heard!

cropped-me.jpgI was born in Jamaica, have lived most of my life in Canada and as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a writer.  I published my first book in 2012 and then my second in 2014.  It wasn’t my intention to publish a children’s book but moving forward I will continue to create books for both adults and children.

I am now promoting both “Don’t Waste the Years” and “Wishes Can Come True” and I’m currently working towards finishing “Sinful Thoughts” (adult), “The Slumber Party”(children) and a book of quotes.

As a authors, we not only dream of having our books published, but also that everyone that reads them will love them as much as we do.  One thing I must admit is that I have always been hesitant in allowing others to read my work.  I feared that they would either tell me that they loved it because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings or tell me the truth, which might hurt my feelings but I knew it was something that had to be done.

There wasn’t one particular author that inspired my love for writing.  However, I was intrigued at how someone could have such a vivid imagination and a gift for storytelling.  I enjoy reading books from different authors like Mary Monroe, Eric Jerome Dickey, Joy Fielding, James Patterson, Sister Souljah, John Grisham, Zane and J. D. Mason just to name a few but particularly love reading romance, erotica, suspense and autobiographies.

It has been a long journey to get to where I am today which is an author.  Over the years with life’s ups and downs and raising three kids, my dream of being a writer was put on hold.  After a car accident in I am an author2009 I realized that it was time to finish working on my book.  I gathered all the pieces of my book that were on paper, saved on an old computer, along with what I had on my new computer and I got to work.  With many different versions of “Don’t Waste the Years”, finishing the final chapters has been a dream come true.  When my book was finally published, it was like given birth and I was the proud author of “Don’t Waste the Years”.  Knowing that it took me almost ten years to write my first book there was no way I wanted wait another ten before publishing my second.  Six months after my first book was published I started working on “Sinful Thoughts”, another adult book. During that time my granddaughter asked if I could write a book for her. My initial thought was to write a few pages, bring it to Staples and get my lovely granddaughter off my back.  However, as she sat with me and told me exactly how she wanted her story to be, it evolved into a book and I realized that “Wishes Can Come True” would be my next book.